Hello, friends!

Hello, friends!

Consistent urging from friends coupled with my own desire to procrastinate any real finals work has lead me to create this blog! Here is a picture of a kitten to start things off. For clarification, here is a list of some possible things this blog shall include:

  • Random stories about the weird things that seem to happen to me on a daily basis.
  • Political musings that consist of two parts sarcasm, one part impressive political insight**
  • Cat pictures. Many cat pictures.
  • Lists of things
  • Open letters to people who have the luck to come into contact with me
  • General musings on the meaning of life, probably related to food of some kind
  • Other things!

*Feminist rants will likely be a prominent part of what I post on here, as it is a prominent part of what I talk about in person. If you can’t handle it, click away.

**These will be extraordinarily liberal. Deal with it.

Notes about me:

  • I am highly judgmental. Much of this blog will likely be about random judgments I have made about people.
  • I would describe myself as a high functioning introvert
  • Three words that would currently describe me are: neurotic, feminist, and hungry.

Thank you for taking the time to partake in my newest form of procrastination! I hope this will be a magical adventure for both of us.

I love you.


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